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"There’s this girl I have to talk to.."

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We may be from two different worlds but in some ways we are still the same.

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"It wasn’t like I did Orphan Black and was like, [in a snooty voice] “I can’t wait to be nominated for an Emmy.” I was just like, “I’m so excited I’m doing this show. I hope I can get through the day without passing out.” All that stuff feels exterior. The support and the ferocious fandom that got angry about it, that’s lovely. But ultimately, the awards have no bearing on it. They’re great, they open a door for actors, but putting too much of your worth on those things — it’s so weird. It’s just so warped. We put so much value on it and it’s so not what it’s about.” - Tatiana Maslany on the Emmy snub.

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Cristina & Isabel ; 3x04

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Olivia Wilde’s Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

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But who cares what people think, right? As long as you’re happy. Of course, it’s gonna mean some life changes […] But that’s okay, right? Because she makes you happy.

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