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Jordan Gavaris responds to a fan’s story about how Orphan Black helped her come out because the character Cosima is not reduced to her sexuality. (x)

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Orange Is The New Black Meme

[1 Quote] "They’re just people, Larry. They’re just women who are trying to do their best."

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Buffy Meme: [4/7] quotes -

So that’s it, huh? I remember the drill. One slayer dies, the next one’s called. I wonder who she is. Will you train her? Or will they send someone else? Buffy,  I… - Does it say how he’s gonna kill me? Do you think it’ll hurt? Don’t touch me! Were you even gonna tell me? I was hoping I wouldn’t have to, that there was some way around it. I… - I’ve got a way around it. I quit. It’s not that simple. I’m making it that simple. I quit! I resign! I-I’m fired! You can find someone else to stop The Master from taking over. I’m not sure that anyone else can. […] Giles, I’m sixteen years old. I don’t wanna die.

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favourite buffy x tara moments

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